by: Hubert J. Kelsheimer

It is estimated, by reliable sources, that only 1 in 5 or less (1
in 7) children receive the support that is due for their welfare
and benefit. We have a society in which some parents do not own
up to their responsibility's, while the other parent is left to
carry the load of both the raising of the children and the
financial support of them as well. It is now an unacceptable
situation for all concerned. The taxpayers can no longer support
the huge numbers of unsupported kids. The system is totally over
burdened with unresolved cases and there is no end in sight. The
CSE offices have limited staffs, few investigators and caseloads
way beyond any hope of working them adequately. State budgets are
tightening and will probably continue to shrink in the future.
The recent changes in the laws at the federal level may help but
the problem is so large, the system so cumbersome and the results
so small, compared to the whole, that we are now drowning.

It is widely accepted and generally known that the situation is
worsening every day. Many parents just accept it and go about
raising their children without any assistance, having long ago
given up on the idea of ever getting support. Others still work
with their local CSE office in hopes that someday the CSE office
will be able to help them. Others have turned to the private
sector i.e. attorneys and collection agencies that specialize in
collecting child support for a fee. For those not getting any
support it is not a very pleasant set of alternatives but they
are the only alternatives we have at the present.

Some day there may be a system that works better and the laws are
changing in favor of the parent not receiving support. In
addition, there are parents who abuse the system and do not use
the monies for the children and there are good parents that are
paying but see that there is no accountability for the support
paid. In some cases the A/P refuses to pay, based upon the above,
and in some cases they are right but why punish their own kids.
In other cases, it could probably be well documented that the A/P
was totally and unjustly treated by the court system and
consequently are very bitter. The truth be known their is
inequities on both sides of this issue and it will not be
resolved anytime soon.


In order to maximize the support paid to the children, insure
their welfare, reduce the load on the state or federal government
and restore some kind of responsibility to both parents, we must
be a society where it is unacceptable, for any reason, to not pay
the court ordered child support. Otherwise we will all become
wards of the state, either through governmental financial support
or governmental taxation, on the rest of us. Something is wrong
and it needs fixing now! 

You can help by voting, contacting your state and federal
officials, congressmen or senators and tell them why it is not
working. We, in the end, are the makers of our own destiny!! 



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